I’m a very average, ordinary Canadian transplant, living in the United States of America (Though, under all that ordinary, I’m fairly melodramatic and have big plans, so watch out, ‘Merica!)

Why blog?

I came across a fabulous blog post a million years ago. It was 3 A.M. I was sitting at my computer, avoiding piles of homework, ignoring dishes in the sink, and praying my new baby wouldn’t wake up for the 47th time that night. I had just moved to the States, had no friends, and felt like I was molding in my tiny shoebox apartment.

This sweet gal wrote about the loneliness new moms sometimes feel, and I just sat there and bawled my little eyeballs out. I was so grateful that she chose to write something so personal, the exact thing I needed to hear right at that moment in time. I wasn’t alone in this new momma business, after all!

Then, it made me think of the stack of journals in my bedroom. I’m an OCW (Obsessive-Compulsive Writer). My brain doesn’t organize thoughts well, so I have to think on paper – hence the enormous stack of journals dating back to my pre-zit days.

But, that blog post made me wonder: I write like mad anyways, why not share some thoughts with others? Maybe something I write could help someone out, like this gal did me?

Haha. I laughed at myself. As if the world didn’t already have enough blogs. I’m sure someone else has said anything I want to say a million times better, somewhere else, already.

THEN. I went to school for journalism (imagine that, eh?), and was required to keep a blog:

(Here’s a snippet)



Well, it was so darn fun, I decided to keep going after I graduated.